History of chewing marshmallow

     It so happened that snow weet-teeth take care about what they eat, they are deeply interested in what they gulp down in large quantities . Therefore I think it will not be unnecessary telling about chewing marshmallow.

      Everyone probably had such question: «I eat chewing marshmallow, I like it, but what is it, where is it from and maybe I eat it the wrong way?» Let's understand all probably arising questions, after all, you see, it is impossible to do without questions from consumers if the product has no analogs on Ukrainian market. Even if someone faced a similar product (namely «marshmallow») in Europe or America the one had no time to be imbued with traditional character of this sweet.

     Well let's start:

     The first possible question: CHEWING MARSHMALLOW - WHAT IS IT?

     Each person who has faced a product is in perplexity: CHEWING – it is clear, MARSHMALLOW – it is clear, and CHEWING MARSHMALLOW is as?

     I will tell to you so if in shop you face a product with unfamiliar name would you dare to try it? I think, no. The same thing has occurred to Chewing marshmallow (European analog of chewing marshmallow, we will mention it a little later, it is called «marshmallow»). The manufacturer has thought and has decided not to abuse the brain of the consumer loaded by every possible problem in addition to all and has made a compromise.If a product is airy like marshmallow but has chewing properties, let it be chewing marshmallow. Logically? I think it is. It is clear.

     Let's examine the next question.


     Simply: corn treacle, glucose and gelatin is shaken up in foam (it is aerated by air vials) and being cooled it stiffens in the form of pieces of a chewing marshmallow. 


     History of «marshmallow» originates in the deep past. You won't believe – it is ancient Egypt.

     Marshmallow is a Latin name of althaea root with which ancient Egyptians replaced gelatin. Sweet does not spoil when heat, does not spoil from cold. The recipe of its preparation has quickly extended worldwide. The chewing marshmallow has got great popularity in Europe, then it has moved to America. During world industrialization althaea root have been replaced by gelatin and it has allowed to make a chewing marshmallow commercially.