"MM" as a raw material for the confectionery industry

 Commercial Proposal


Lesnaya Skazka Company operates on the Ukrainian market of confectionery products for 17 years already. Marshmallow is the best-known product.

Today, we offer you the new solutions and ideas, which will help to remain among the leaders in the ever-changing world. Lesnaya Skazka TM  marshmallow is widely used thanks to its distinctive features.

The range of use:

  1. As a decoration for cakes, soft desserts, pastry;
  2. As a filler for cakes (in cream), rolls, pastry, ice-cream;
  3. As mastic for hand and form molding, very easy to use and savory;
  4. As an additive to coffee, cappuccino;
  5. As a light sweet brochette;
  6. As raw material for edible figures and décor.











Competitive advantages:

  1. Weighs less than any cake ingredients, which makes the product look massive, while reducing its weight;
  2. Sold ready-to-use (several varieties of shapes, colors, tastes);
  3. Consists of wholesome and unspoilable components (the shelf life of 9 months makes easy having a stock of it);
  4. A long-term experience of Europe and America proves the efficiency of marshmallow use in such form.
  5. A popular novelty for CIS countries – a competitive advantage of your product;

In addition to good looks and peculiarity of the solution, marshmallow is wholesome and low-caloric. These are the two important factors, which attract increasing attention of the buyer.


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