Ways to use



     The first way to eat chewing marshmallow.

     You simply buy a pack of chewing marshmallow and eat it when it is boring (and when it is cheerful). It is possible to eat marshmallow in big quantities – it is light, tasty, moderately sweet.


     The second way to eat a chewing marshmallow.

     Gather on picnic, string slices of a chewing marshmallow on sticks and over coals (not in fire) bake. The slice instantly becomes in one and a half time more it becomes covered caramelized by crust, becomes of caramel color and has madly tasty smell of sweet batch. And when you bite off it inside of marshmallow sweet soft cream appears under caramel. (By the way it is possible to do such operation over gas or electric stove at home).


     The third way to eat chewing marshmallow.

     Have you made coffee? And now throw two slices of a chewing marshmallow in it (it will replace ice-cream or cream). Do not wait long till it dissolved definitively, drink fragrant coffee as soon as the chewing marshmallow has turned to sweet skin. 


     The fourth way to eat a chewing zephyr.

     Take chewing marshmallow, put in a microwave. In several seconds we'll get fragrant cream which can be smeared on a roll or cookies. 


     The fifth way to eat a chewing marshmallow.

     Prepare fondue.

     - Chewing marshmallow – 150gr.
     - Lemon juice - 2 tablespoons
     - Water
     - Cream (double) - 1/2 of a glass

     Melt chewing marshmallow with lemon juice and little water on low fire. Add cream and mix.

     Serve with slices of pineapple, peach and fruitcake cubes.

     Bon appetit!


     The sixth way to eat a chewing marshmallow.

     The most difficult but creative way of consumption of chewing marshmallow. Let's do multi-colored mastic for a pie of chewing marshmallow! More details about it.

     Ingredients: 175gr. of chewing marshmallow, 1~1,5 glasses of powdered sugar, 3~5 drops of lemon juice or water, liquid food dyes.   

     If chewing marshmallow is woven from plaits of different colors, it is better to untwist otherwise color of mastic may be brownish. But if the one adds dye in mastic it is unnecessarily to ununtwist the plaits.

     Divide chewing marshmallow into as many parts as many multi-colored mastics you need to get. Then work with each color separately.

     Put chewing marshmallow in a bowl, pour in some drops of lemon juice or water and put everything in a microwave or a hot oven. Observe constantly behavior of chewing marshmallow. When it will be approximately tripled in volume (0,5~1,5 minutes) take out a bowl. Pour in liquid dye. (3 drops - gentle color, 7~10 drops - bright, rich color.) To receive chocolate mastic it is necessary to put 1~3 segments of melted chocolate in the fused sweets. Knead carefully to ration color. Stir in half a cup of powdered sugar and continue to to stir. Pour out the rest powder on the table. Pour on powder the got mass continue to stir with hands. Mass is very sticky even if it is stiff therefore it is necessary to cover generously all its surface with powder. You can  make different figures or covering on a pie from ready mastic paste. For this purpose mastic needs to be pinned with rolling pin till necessary size. The table should be constantly powdered with powdered sugar and while pinning a mastic layer needs to be turned around all time to ration powder. After getting necessary size transfer quickly a layer of mastic on a pie with two hands.

     Don't hold mastic aweigh for a long time because it stretches from own weight. Smooth carefully folds formed while covering a pie with fingers stretching and pressing in needed places mastic.

     Some piece of advice while working with mastic from "Chewing marshmallow":

     Powdered sugar for mastic should be of very fine crushing. If sugar crystals happen while pinning the layer will be torn.
     If during kneading mastic remains sticky for a long time it is necessary to mix in powder till getting  necessary consistence.

     NEVER put covering of mastic on a damp basis including impregnated shortcakes, sour cream, etc. Mastic dissolves quickly from ingress of moisture. Therefore "a buffer layer" should be between mastic and a pie. It can be marzipan or thin layer of an oil cream.

     If the one uses oil cream the pie needs to stay at the refrigerator till cream hardens before mastic putting on.
     Humidify a pasting place with water slightly for pasting of different parts of figures from mastic or for gluing of ornaments on a covering from mastic.

     Staying at open air mastic dries up. It is better to do in advance and let its dry up well such figures as flowers, cups-spoons-plates, tables-chairs.

     Figures made from chewing marshmallow can be decorated with food dyes from above.

     If mastic has cooled down and is pinned badly it can be warmed up a little in a microwave or a hot oven and it will become plastic again.

     The one can store underused mastic in the refrigerator (1~2 weeks) or in a deep-freezer (1~2 months), preliminary having wrapped it in plastic package.