«Lesnaya Skazka» develops private label format

The advertizing edition "Konditerskie Izdeliya" / July 2010.

     Until recently company products «Lesnaya Skazka» were positioned under the trade mark with the same name in Russian retail.

     And in 2010 the company has started to master intensively a new format – private label meaning output under own trade mark (OТМ) of networks. Chewing marshmallow (in Europe – marshmallow) ТМ «Lesnaya Skazka» competes successfully with western analogs. Production is certificated under standards of НАССР including Russia. OТМ is favourable a priori for Russian trading networks. OТМ will help the manufacturer with popularization of unusual product for Russia. Today not everybody knows that chewing marshmallow has such enviable advantages before usual marshmallow except taste as: the product is produced from useful ingredients and thus well endures heat and cold. The one can fry it on fire; put in coffee instead of cream; by means of microwave turns into a kiss. One of distributors of ТМ «Lesnaya Skazka» had such a case. To their company, which price totals thousand names, including chewing marshmallow, Austrian delegation has arrived. Owners have invited visitors to picnic. The first question was: «Whether we would try marshmallow except barbecue?». As a result the visitors were satisfied with taste of chewing marshmallow of ТМ «Lesnaya Skazka», hospitality and the fact that notion «European quality» has already overstepped the borders of European states.

     Russian manufacturers using this product in their compoundings as like as distributors whohave marshmallow in its prices consider possibility to refuse completely from European analogs in favor of chewing marshmallow ТМ «Lesnaya Skazka».