2010: the first results, tendencies, prospects

Newspaper «Pishchevik / May, 2010

     Recently the market of flour confectionery has considerably extended: there many kinds and forms of sweets, new kinds of stuffing appeared etc. At the same time enterprises which have re-equipped the capacities , improved considerably quality of product and expanded production.

     It is necessary to notice that now combined items (wafers with cookies, cookies with several kinds of stuffing, cookies with marshmallow etc.) are of great demand. From the beginning of this year the share of sales of low price segment confectionery has increased, accordingly demand for expensive products has decreased.

     In 2010 ТМ «Lesnaya Skazka» has offered consumers four innovations. Chocolate-wafer sweet which is on sale «on weight» became the successful project. It confirms once again that the consumer isn't ready to buy expensive confectionery yet.

     Therefore «Lesnaya Skazka» has decided to change some present plans on new projects introduction. If earlier we planned to produce the new product concerning expensive price segment now we are going to implement other project and to offer the market low price item. It is necessary to notice that such product is produced only in Japan, therefore the equipment for it is expensive and however the product belongs to a cheap price segment. We are assured that Ukrainian consumer will positively apprehend our innovation and the project will be successful.