Confectioners of the company Ltd «Lisova Kazka» decided to congratulate the beautiful half of humanity from March 8.


     Confectioners of company Ltd «Lisova Kazka» decided to congratulate the beautiful half of humanity from March 8. The event was dedicated to the International Women's Day, held on Thursday, March 7, at the main avenue of the Garden it. Shevchenko in Kharkiv. The main purpose of the event was to please the women to express their respect and prove that they are capable men for a world record. Supposed to make a confection length 65 m, since 65 represents a particular date. However, the product turned out a little longer - 68.2 meters chewing marshmallow diameter - 2.5 cm. 

     «In 1965 The 8 of March became the holyday in the Soviet Union for the first time. In addition chewing marshmallow form a figure-eight, to symbolize our infinite respect for women. Well, a place we chose because there is next to the 50th parallel, and about 50 years, women in their day rest» - said Vyacheslav Gulyaev General Director of Ltd «Lisova Kazka». 

      The company produce Marshmallows on the Dutch production line. Usually marshmallows cut into pieces, but there was given the task to create a solid model. In this study participated 40 company employees who came to the garden to give women the record. 

      «Now men don’t do exploits and serious action for women by the 8th of March, by our humble company we decided to make such a small feat. Record of Ukraine - as the longest continuous confection. It does not cut or combined from pieces, it continuous and uninterrupted. Therefore this was not before us in Ukraine» - said Dmitry Verkush initiator of the action.

      The record was recorded in the Book of Records of Ukraine «First Capital» in the city of Kharkiv. The 68-meter-piece confection although is a world record as the first of nowhere like a record has not been registered, the representatives of the Guinness World Records have not been invited to record a world record, because the main task of the men stuff of the company «Ltd «Lisova Kazka» was congratulating women and recall that for them men are willing to do anything.

       At the end of the holiday marshmallows cut into pieces and distributed to the public.