Confectionery Union of Makers "Confectum" at "Prodexpo 2014" in Moscow

            "Lesnaya Skazka" trademark, being an organizer and a member of the Confectionery Union of Makers “Confectum”, introduced its production at the International Exhibition "Prodexpo 2014" held in Moscow.

     When it comes to exposition and the number of visitors the International Exhibition is one of the most large-scale exhibitions on the territory the Commonwealth of Independent States. And this is not the first time the Confectionery Union of Makers “Confectum” participates in the event.

The exhibition stall of the company showed key brands of its product portfolio including all new products which pleased regular and new business partners of “Confectum”. 

Being an exclusive product of “Lesnaya Skazka” trademark, chewing marshmallow became especially popular. The whole line of this product meets international quality standards and is produced on the up-to-date European equipment, still the price compare favorably with prices of well-known European brands since it is a domestic product.

Great attention was paid to such exclusive products as confectionary pancakes “Pancake”, cookies “Galicia”, puff pastry “Crispy Slices” (which is a new product of confectionary technology: puff pastry with a shortcrust layer inside) and other projects of the confectionary industry. 

The Confectionery Union stall favorably differed with its original design in business style and was used effectively as a business site for negotiations on cooperation with main players of confectionary market of CIS and other countries. About three hundred business meetings and more than a dozen of preliminary contracts all in all took place during this Exhibition only.

Summarizing, it can be said that our expectations of participation in the Exhibition were justified and the Confectionery Union of Makers “Confectum” will undoubtedly take part in it next year again.

Looking forward to “Prodexpo 2015”

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