Fortune cookies. Manufacturer comments.

"Food & Ingredients", № 2, February 2012 year

Vyacheslav Gulyaev The General Director of LTD "PCG «Lesnaya Skazka»:

    «Cookies is the most significant share of the confectionery market in terms of numbers, because it is the most used product. Its buyer mostly women, but the consumer is the whole family. Cookies – a product of cheap mass segment. The cookies market will always be stable at a high level. Perhaps in the current economic situation, it will not grow quantitatively. Most likely will move inside the cookies market – some positions will go off the market, others are replaced. 

    The packed-up cookies show smaller number of sales, than weight. It take generally in school, for work and expensive cookies take as a gift. It is means that the packed cookies unlike weight not for all and not for every day. In total sales weighted cheap segment occupies a larger share.

    A good trend, according to TM «Lesnaya skazka», shows the cookies made using different seeds, cereals, raisins, etc. This is a novelty in the market, its success is due to cookies popularization among the buyers of natural products. Such a direction would undoubtedly has a great future. This product uses people with an average income and above average. In this segment quality is more important than price.