On the Android operating system, there are currently more than 1 billion mobile devices worldwide. Google every new version of Android code named calls. The choice of code names is carried out according to the philosophy of Google: as smartphones and tablets make our life more enjoyable, in the names of Android should have something too nice, tender and tasty, so for each OS version, as code words, add the name of delicious desserts and sweets.

So the new version of the operating system for mobile platforms Android 6.0 M got the name Marshmallow.

In addition, near the headquarters of the company there appeared a new figure – Android with marshmallows in their hands, which symbolizes a new version of the system.

The choice of the name for Android 6.0 Marshmallow due to the tastes and universal love of the U.S. population and European countries to this product. In turn, the Company "Forest tale" from 2004 marshmallow sells its own production on the market of Ukraine, forms the customers loyalty and the culture of consumption of this product.