For magazine «World of products»

Magazine «World of products», №1 / 2010.
     - We bet on utility, high level of quality and thus – availability. A variety of forms and tastes of chewing marshmallow will be presented our buyer. As for flavoring differences there will be kinds of the product combined with other confectionery components, for example: chewing marshmallow covered with chocolate, with stuffing, with chewing jujube. Besides the company deduces on the market chewing marshmallow with natural useful additives, approved to sale in children's and school establishments.

     Struggle as stimulus

     «In connection with financial and economic situation basic tendency of all confectionery market consists of reduction of bonus category share and increaseof low price segment in segment of production price positioning, - Yulia Grinyova, chief of department of marketing of ltd. "PCG «Lesnaya Skazka» ascertains. According to forecasts given tendency will stay in force within current year».

     In connection to it the category of marshmallows has certain advantage before other pitchfork of confectionery production as well as other groups of pastila and marmalade products in the course of price positioning. Firstly these sweets have always been accessible at price for overwhelming majority of buyers. So price orientation promotes popularity of marshmallow at native consumers of various levels of a prosperity. Certainly it is necessary to consider that frequency of marshmallow consumption structure also strongly depends on price factor.

     With world on marshmallow

     Confectionery group of marshmallow extends not only at the expense of flavoring variety. Today it is possible to speak about formation of specific subgroups of production inside of a group. In certain measure such process is promoted by penetration on Ukrainian market of sweets consumption culture in the world market including markets of Western Europe and American markets. For example, today it is possible to meet so-called «chewing marshmallow», marshmallow of native production. Marshmallow is popular sweet of European market actually is not marshmallow in nature.

     Julya Grinyova tells about this new product on markets of the CIS: «Though it is high competition on the market of pastila and marmalade products, nevertheless there exist perspectives for the future». Therefore our company chose production of chewing marshmallow as perspective direction.

     In spite of the fact that chewing marshmallow has been invented in ancient Egypt and was very popular in Europe and America, our consumer has got acquainted with it only in 2004. Chewing marshmallow consists of treacle and gelatin which adds a product chewing properties unlike traditional marshmallow. It is useful and low-cal, these are two important factors to which the buyer pays more attention. Such product is produced only with special expensive imported equipment that also reduces essentially number of potential competitors ».

     It is possible to predict with sufficient share of confidence that further foreign culture of "light sweets» consumption and knowledge about useful properties of pastila and marmalade products will stimulate development of consumer demand for new products both in the whole category and inside of production species groups.