Representation in Belgorod

Representation in Belgorod

Brand «Lisova Kazka» has entered the market of the Russian Federation in 2004. In 2006 in Belgorod was established trading company «Confectionery Group «Lisova Kazka». By 2012, the company has reached the level of the national operator of the Russian market of confectionery products to cover all sales channels in thirty seven regions of the mills.

From 2012, the «CG« Lisova Kazka» has been working on the Russian food market as a founding member of the Confectionary Union of makers «Confectum».

TM «Confectum» - is the brand that brings together manufacturers - confectioners of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and any other countries that have a desire to develop the market of the Russian Federation, and operates in two directions:

1.                          «Confectum»  developes  new products, the concept of positioning it on the market, sales strategy and mutually beneficial places in order to confectionery production facilities that meet the requirements of the Union.

2.                          Is an importer, including Ukrainian brands in the Russian Federation

and the distributor on all territory of Russia of those producers - partners, whose products conform to the requirements of Union.


            For more information reference to the site of TM «Confectum»: