Confectionery group «Lesnaya Skazka» in the city of Belgorod

Confectionery, Moscow, July 2010

      The confectionery group «Lesnaya Skazka» in the city of Belgorod is exclusive representative of ТМ «Lesnaya Skazka» of city of Kharkov.

     Developing ТМ «Lesnaya Skazka» the company became logistical center for group of confectionery factories of Ukraine which gives to Russian consumer variety of confectionery novelties.

     Confectionery group «Lesnaya Skazka» entered confectionery market of Russian Federation first of all with chewing marshmallow which is a unique product for the CIS and traditional in Europe.

Fairy optimism

"Food and Ingredients", 2010 year
     1. How do you measure a present situation on confectionery market? How have change sales volumes in 2009 in comparison with the period of 2008 and first month of 2010 in comparison with the similar period of the last year ? If have changed what are the main reasons for it?

      In my opinion the situation has changed on confectionery market for today. Confectionery of expensive segment are sold less. Confectionery of cheap price segment, especially the cheapest, began are sold much more. Also confectionery of foreign manufacture (delivered directly from abroad) have practically disappeared from shelves. In 2009 sales volumes have not changed, have not fallen and have not grown concerning our products. In the first month of 2010 everything is still stable. Basically sales from one shop have decreased and factory sales volumes «Lesnaya Skazka» have not changed in general due to widening of trading places at floor squares including entering the markets of Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and so on.

For magazine «World of products»

Magazine «World of products», №1 / 2010.
     - We bet on utility, high level of quality and thus – availability. A variety of forms and tastes of chewing marshmallow will be presented our buyer. As for flavoring differences there will be kinds of the product combined with other confectionery components, for example: chewing marshmallow covered with chocolate, with stuffing, with chewing jujube. Besides the company deduces on the market chewing marshmallow with natural useful additives, approved to sale in children's and school establishments.

     Struggle as stimulus

     «In connection with financial and economic situation basic tendency of all confectionery market consists of reduction of bonus category share and increaseof low price segment in segment of production price positioning, - Yulia Grinyova, chief of department of marketing of ltd. "PCG «Lesnaya Skazka» ascertains. According to forecasts given tendency will stay in force within current year».

«Lesnaya Skazka» develops private label format

The advertizing edition "Konditerskie Izdeliya" / July 2010.

     Until recently company products «Lesnaya Skazka» were positioned under the trade mark with the same name in Russian retail.

     And in 2010 the company has started to master intensively a new format – private label meaning output under own trade mark (OТМ) of networks. Chewing marshmallow (in Europe – marshmallow) ТМ «Lesnaya Skazka» competes successfully with western analogs. Production is certificated under standards of НАССР including Russia. OТМ is favourable a priori for Russian trading networks.

The Review of the market of flour confectionery

The newspaper «Pishchevik / № 4, 2010
     1. What are the main changes or new tendencies in the market of flour products you observe during 2009?

     In my opinion, variety of flour confectionery kinds grows, their quality raises. Small and tiny manufacturers acquire more serious equipment and produce products of better quality, and also in bigger than earlier quantities: bun, biscuit cookies with stuffings and so on.

     2. What is volume of the market in natural and monetary equivalents, who are basic players of the market?
     3. How has changed import – export in the market?

     Talking about production of western manufacturers we should admit that import is almost absent, export has improved in connection with hryvna falling.

2010: the first results, tendencies, prospects

Newspaper «Pishchevik / May, 2010

     Recently the market of flour confectionery has considerably extended: there many kinds and forms of sweets, new kinds of stuffing appeared etc. At the same time enterprises which have re-equipped the capacities , improved considerably quality of product and expanded production.

     It is necessary to notice that now combined items (wafers with cookies, cookies with several kinds of stuffing, cookies with marshmallow etc.) are of great demand. From the beginning of this year the share of sales of low price segment confectionery has increased, accordingly demand for expensive products has decreased.

     In 2010 ТМ «Lesnaya Skazka» has offered consumers four innovations. Chocolate-wafer sweet which is on sale «on weight» became the successful project. It confirms once again that the consumer isn't ready to buy expensive confectionery yet.

About pluses and minuses in cooperation with retailers on Private Label

Magazine Private Label exclusive special issue / August, 2010.

     In 2009 we have started to produce “chewing marshmallow” under PТМ "Sladko" together with network "ATB-market" for the first time. The basic stimulus to start contract production became conditions of cooperation with network segment which essentially improve. First of all it concerns delay of payments and financial discipline of retailers and in the conditions of crisis there are probably the basic requirements of the manufacturer.

Ways to use



     The first way to eat chewing marshmallow.

     You simply buy a pack of chewing marshmallow and eat it when it is boring (and when it is cheerful). It is possible to eat marshmallow in big quantities – it is light, tasty, moderately sweet.


History of chewing marshmallow

     It so happened that snow weet-teeth take care about what they eat, they are deeply interested in what they gulp down in large quantities . Therefore I think it will not be unnecessary telling about chewing marshmallow.

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